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No. An active internet connection is required for our Ctory Desktop and App version. However, we are working on an offline mode on the Android & iOs App and will update you once you can use it.

Ctory is available as a desktop Web App downloadable version and soon to be available as as an iOS and Android App. Just study with the device that best fulfils your learning needs. Your learning progress will be synchronised across devices.

Ads help to keep your Ctory studies free. We have carefully placed ads to least disrupt you, however if you get distracted by ads you have the option to upgrade to our premium version.

- No ads: A focused learning experience with no ads

- Unlimited Content: Learn 1000+ words and phrases on an interactive learning journey

Sure. A placement test at the start of your learning journey will ensure that you enrol at the right level. Since our learning methodology is different to what you have seen before, you will rediscover Chinese in a new way and see connections between words in a fresh light.

1.Certain stroke combinations within Chinese characters haven‘t lost their original pictographic look. In our technique, the original meaning of these word components are rediscovered through vivid visuals and animations, that describe the life of an agricultural society.

2.Word components can be combined in different ways to form full characters. The combinations relate back to beautiful ancient myths and stories, which are commonly unknown. We have rehashed those stories or have invented new ones if the old ones were lost.

3. Individual characters can be combined in a variety of ways to form new and more complex words. Their meaning is easy to grasp if you have studied the word components, even if there is no direct English translation.

Our toolkit of +1000 words and phrases is a solid foundation for building phrases and sentences and for learning how to master basic verbal and written communication.

You can track your progress in the Profile section of the Ctory portal. You will see how many Chapters/Lessons/Words you already mastered and how close your goals are.

When studying a language reviewing vocabulary at the right time is key. In our review section, you see a list of all the vocabulary and phrases you’ve learned so far and you will be prompted to review a bunch of items in the days and weeks that follow. You are also free to redo any lesson as often as you like.